HybridSensorNet e.V.

About us

The Union

The challenge

Intelligent sensor systems are the eyes, noses, ears and tongues of the future, in order to counter dangerous influences and to use resources more efficiently. Enormous demands are placed on their research, development and implementation, which no research institution or company can cope with alone. Only the networking of all those involved can meet these requirements.

The networking of competencies

HybridSensorNet e.V. was founded in order to network the competencies of all fields from industry, research, administration and legislation. With the involvement of all those involved from all sensor areas, new sensor systems and networks as well as the sensor technologies of the future are developed. Companies and research centers are united in a unique cooperation network for goal-oriented, innovative research, leading technology and successful product development.

The goal

The association focuses on sensors for resource efficiency, quality assurance and hazard detection in the areas of air / gas, water and food. HybridSensorNet e.V. strives for a leading position in these areas in the development of future systems and the provision of the most modern solutions.

The implementation

In a long-term strategy, research, technology and product development are carried out in organized clusters in all specialist areas that are required for hybrid sensors of the future. This ensures that research and technology development is carried out in a targeted manner and that the results can be converted into products without losing any time. In the coordinated interaction of research, development, marketing and administration, knowledge, know-how and regulatory measures are bundled, used in a targeted manner and effective in response to market needs. The association drives projects and research in a targeted manner and supports small and medium-sized companies in product development.