HybridSensorNet e.V.

HybridSensorNet e.V.

The association supports the research and development of intelligent, hybrid sensor systems and networks as well as sensor technologies of the future.

The intention of the association is to promote the networking of competencies in the field of sensor technology as a non-profit and non-profit organization. In addition, sustainable synergy effects and innovations should be brought about by the members.

The HybridSensorNet e. V. was launched on November 22, 2014 and added as a cluster initiative in the Clusterdatenbank Baden-Württemberg

7. Fachsymposium 2020 (Cancelled!)


A newsletter appears every three months in which the members are informed about current events.
The newsletter also includes Information on funding opportunities and conferences.
The newsletter also serves as a platform for exchange information among members.

The newsletter and the conference reports of past symposia are reserved for members.
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